The Premier League Writing Stars Series (poetry anthologies)

Client: The Premier League

Book 1: Beautifully Different, Wonderfully the Same
Book 2: Try, Try, Again


Premier League Writing Stars covers david mackintosh
premier league spread david mackintosh
premier league writing stars sped david mackintosh

Places I’ve Never Been, in Excruciating Detail.

Private commission
Ink, gouache and pencil on paper.


Histories of Stationery
(Two and three colour screen prints)


Travel Profiles (tube train)
Felt pen and paper cutout and pasted in notebook.


About an Idea
Contribution to book blog.


What I Did On My Holidays
Ink on paper

what I did on my holidays

Editor At Large
Text chapter headers for autobiography of Craig Munro.


Hungarian Micro Car Monograph Series 
Printer's ink on winter paper. (Courtesy private collections).