Green on the screen…

Today we screen printed a two colour limited edition of a bird. The original drawing is postage stamp-sized optically enlarged to A2. The prints will soon be available to buy via the Little Shop.

Thanks to Chris Ratcliffe at garudiostudiage who was as helpful and informative as ever. The creative processed worked like this:

DM: Good morning, sorry I'm late.
CR: No problem. What colour do you have in mind for the first screen?
DM: 606, please.
CR: Can you be any more specific?
DM: Yes. The same colour as my grandmother's bathroom suite, circa 1973.
CR: Can you be any more specific?
DM: Yes, like guacamole, but when you leave it out without the cling film on it for an hour or so.
CR: You should try lemon juice in it, that will help.
DM: Can you be any more specific?
CR: Yes, freshly squeezed lemon juice.
DM: I'll try that.
CR: What do you think of this colour?
DM: That's the colour! Amazing! Now, what colour do you think will work for the second screen?
DM: Yes, let's go with black. Black it is. What a good idea.
CR: Good.

(Photos: Dr. Coralie Bickford-Smith.)