NEW Ruby Redfort book published…

Ruby Redfort: Blink and You Die is Lauren Child's ultimate title in the schoolgirl secret agent series. Two hardback editions have been published in the UK, one with a lenticular panel that makes Ruby's eyes blink when you wobble the book. The other edition is without the lenticular panel but the eyes follow you about the room (probably a library) even if you don't wobble anything. 

Lauren has included some beautiful sketches of how she sees some of her characters and you'll find them at the end of the book.

Marcus du Sautoy has contributed the codes as in previous titles in the series.

The Twinford city maps are illustrated by map designer Emily Faccini and are a sight to be seen. 

[ A note on the lenticular edition: The lenticular panel uses three images, or three stages of the animation. The three images are sliced into tiny slivers then rearranged. Then a lens is glued to the top so that when you look at the lens from two directions you see one or another image. In reality you just need to tilt your head, or manipulate the book so the lens moves. ]

nb: forgive the dumb quote mark in the title card.