Paper view…

This papier mache piece utilises an old cigar canister I’ve been keeping for just this purpose. The wings were an affectation I have no explanation for.

 Eternal combustion engine.

Eternal combustion engine.

National Read A Book Day…

It is National Read A Book Day and I have chosen one of my favourite books to re-read. I haven't read the whole book from cover to cover, instead I've jumped from interesting chapter to interesting chapter and pored over the beautiful illustrations and lettering without reading all the beautifully typeset words. Well, I have read the useful words, but I'm distracted by how gorgeous the book is and it's a slow process, so I'm going to take more time on account of the National Day. I'm lucky to have found a pristine 1958 printing of the book first published in 1906.

Black and white and red all over.

Travel broadens the mind…

I found a tiny notebook. It says nothing and everything and is all a bit unruly if you're into straight lines.

I wish I could draw like that…

My goddaughter made this self portrait. It looks remarkably like her. I love the way she draws and she is always fearless. If she makes a mistake she goes straight on to the next line – and the one after that. She doesn't erase anything either, she doesn't have time for that.

 Tuesday by Tuesday.

Tuesday by Tuesday.

That one's got sand on it…

Thanks to Geoff and Carly Lloyd, the extra footage for the book trailer for Chicken Smith is in the can. Not only do they have this beach in the front of their house, but the surf club does chips like this all day long. They're the best – ask a seagull. Thank you Lloyds.

You can see the little film here.

killcare hot chips
killcare surfer
 Photographs by G & C Lloyd.

Photographs by G & C Lloyd.